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The best ingredients for your Family Box.

Baked goods (home baked)

  • 3x freshly baked Croissant "Champs Elisée" French-style fluffy butter croissant
  • 3x Lye Summit "The Original"
  • 1x hand braided Butter plait

Freshly prepared 

  • 2x homemade Scrambled egg mixture
  • 1x Fresh Vegetables for scrambled eggs large
  • 4x homemade Birchermüsli With fruits

Dairy products
 the Dairy Neff from the Züri Oberland

  • 6x Fresh small yoghurt (the Swiss original, varieties vary, let yourself be surprise)
  • 2x Freshness 0.5 litre Whole milk (from 23 different farmers in the region)
  • 2x Mild, creamy Semi-hard cheesemade from (pasteurised) milk from the Züri Oberland.
  • 1x butter

 from the Minnig Butcher's Shop

  • 2x Meatloaf (Without pork)

& Drinks

  • 4x Fresh Vial Orange juice
  • 2x Seasonal Fruits

Sweets on bread and in milk 

  • 4x chocolate powder (the classic Caotina the OriginalOvaltine Original) for the milk
  • 3x PremiumJams 96g by Ottiger à 32g each
  • 2x Max Havelaar Fairtrade Flower honey
  • 2x Max Havelaar Fairtrade Nut cocoa Spread (without palm oil)
  • 2x Läderach Popcorn mini


The Family Brunch Box is also available in a vegetarian version. This is delivered without meatloaf.

The quantities are calculated for approx. 6 people.

Our brunch box is freshly prepared by hand for you the night before. It is baked in the morning. 🙂

Products are carefully selected so that every customer gets only the best delivered to their home.


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