Scrambled eggs and their variations

Who doesn't know the famous "scrambled egg"? But are you aware that there are many different ways to prepare and enjoy scrambled eggs? We would love to take you on this journey and hope that you will try out some of the things you have learned. 😊
Preparation of the scrambled eggs

Classic scrambled eggs are quick and easy. Grease the frying pan (e.g. with a little sunflower oil or butter), break the egg shells (approx. 2 - 3 per person, depending on your appetite and needs) and place them in the hot pan. Don't wait long, but start scrambling the egg(s) in the pan immediately (it's called scrambled eggs 😉 ), otherwise they will stick and you will have a fried egg. Season as desired with salt, herbs, pepper, etc., put it on the plate and you have a quick and satisfying meal.

If this is too boring for you, you are of course welcome to add several ingredients. Here are a few examples:

PIMP! the scrambled eggs

Adding onions and/or leeks gives it a special touch. It is best to fry the chopped onions and the sliced leeks in the pan until golden brown before adding the raw eggs to the pan. Again, once the eggs are in the pan - stir, stir, stir. And don't forget the seasoning (to your liking) either. 😊

Prepare the scrambled eggs correctly

It is also possible to prepare the "egg mixture" in advance. This means that you do not put the eggs straight into the pan, but into a bowl or other container (e.g. Tupperware) that is well suited for this purpose. The eggs should then be beaten well (preferably with a whisk or fork). Then add chopped chives or parsley and season to taste (salt, pepper, chilli, paprika, garlic, etc.). When the raw scrambled eggs are ready, put them in the pan. And here too - stir, stir, stir.

The scrambled eggs from MrBrunch

For those who didn't know, we at MrBrunch deliver in some of our boxes also include a scrambled egg and use exactly this type in the preparation. The vegetables are supplied in a separate container. Don't you know it yet? Then go ahead, get a first Brunch box with a do-it-yourself scrambled egg.

Healthy with vegetables

For those who want to be really healthy, you can add some vegetables to the scrambled eggs. Pepperoni, courgettes, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, etc. are good for this. However, you should pay attention to how long each vegetable needs to become tender. The egg itself is edible relatively quickly and should therefore only be added at the end. It is advisable to prepare the eggs separately beforehand (see section above). The more additional ingredients there are in the scrambled egg, the more it resembles an omelette. Of course, it is also delicious, but the question is whether you can/should still call it scrambled eggs. Of course, you can also add cheese (parmesan, mozzarella, feta, etc.) and/or meat (ham, bacon, salami) or tofu.

The set

Finally, you can decorate the scrambled eggs (which are already on the plate) with herbs (chopped chives or parsley). Because, as we all know, the eye is always with you.

However, in our opinion, milk, water or cream do not belong in scrambled eggs. These ingredients only make the egg "rubbery", colourless and bland. In addition, the taste is diluted by the milk. Also, the scrambled egg becomes less "fluffy", but rather heavy and "sloppy".

So, now we wish you lots of fun discovering the diverse scrambled rice and of course -. EN GUETE! 😊

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